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What others have said


Jonathan`s skills and competence alongside a gentle and loving manner have been appreciated by many people. Extracts from some of their letters to him are given below:

About him personally:

'You have such a warm, outgoing and loving personality. You are kind, sensitive and creative'.

About his approach to others:

'You have a talent for making every individual person feel special, needed and extremely important'.

About his pastoral care:

'This year has been a very traumatic time for me. I could never have travelled through this wilderness without the love, care and support you have given me`.

About services generally:

'No other priest in my experience as ever created for me the same atmosphere and feeling as you have done. You have a gift with words and a lovely singing and speaking voice`.

About his prayers:

'The warm and enveloping feeling of hope and love during prayers will always be with us`.

About his weddings:

'The wedding service was so beautiful and so personal. You conducted it with such warmth and in such a relaxed manner. We couldn't have wished for anything more`.

About his funerals:

'If anyone had told me that I would sit through my husband's funeral service feeling calm and a peace I would not have believed them, then it happened…...You showed by every word and gesture that you cared…..and one friend says it is the best funeral service he has ever been to`.

About his public speaking:

'I have found your talks stimulating, exciting and full of new ideas`.

About his work with young people:

'You have a quite brilliant way with children. The way you spoke and what you said held their complete attention and I'm sure they will never forget your visit`.

About his writing:

'Thank you for the fascinating interpretation of the Bible story….Your article was a great read; well written, sharp and to the point. You offer much to ponder`.

About his management skills:

'I have suffered many chairpersons, for to chair a meeting successfully is a rare gift. I have known only two really good ones. You are one of those`.

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