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The Holy Circle Trust

The trust holds title to a piece of land off the London Road at Ryarsh near West Malling in Kent, England.

The land had been used for a sewerage plant and it had become derelict and despoiled. Our vision is to restore the land and transform it into a place of beauty and peace.

The land had once cleansed our waste and provided pure fresh water for new life. We want this same land to welcome people wasted through life`s struggle and renew and refresh them for their life's journey.

The place of human waste, pollution and contamination will become the fertile setting for creativity, for initiative and for hope. The very ground which knew the lowest would give birth to the highest.

The trust's plan is to try to recreate what is there rather than assuming it should be removed or destroyed. Hence it is envisaged that the old sludge tank will become a place for meditation and peace, a haven from the pressures of life, a shelter for discovery and replenishment.

At the heart of the land is one of the old sunken circular filtration tanks. It provides an extensive and remarkable open air gathering space, roofed by the vast sky, surrounded by the sounds of nature and with natural amplification.

It represents a place of total safety and inviolability, where all can be in their own way, a sanctum for the world, a circle of love encompassing the variety of humankind.

We have been very careful to ensure, through its governing documents, that the trust can never represent any one person or group; nor can it be aligned to any organisation, faith or philosophy, or become a group in its own right.

The trust exists solely to provide a place of physical and spiritual refreshment for everyone, which belongs to everyone, which includes everyone and which welcomes everyone.

Those responsible for administering the trust do so because they wish to draw upon any resource from any origin which will enable them to create a place where unconditional love, welcome, acceptance, forgiveness, friendship, healing, respect, comfort, compassion, rest, solace, care, beauty, tranquillity, prayer, worship and peace can be experienced.

Quiet walk ways, sensitively planted gardens, running water, the occasional sheltered copse, orchards, meadow areas, grazing animals, a fish lake, vegetable and flower growing areas- the land will be a taste of paradise.

From the higher ground, visitors will have an overall perspective, while moving through the land will allow them to be surprised by new sights and sounds and the fragrances of seasonal herbs and blooms.

Every one of us has different abilities, and care will be taken to ensure that the needs and enjoyment of all are fully considered.

The trust was formed and the landscape is being created because ordinary people were inspired to turn a dream into a reality. In a world which knows of such strife and misery caused by the difficulty we have in accepting and loving each other, the trust believes it important to provide the world with a symbol of the unity and peace which flows from love.

Here is a piece of land which is held in trust for every human being across the world. Here is a place from which no one is excluded and to which all are invited; where every person will enjoy the same position of respect, the same encouragement to be most fully human, the same affirmation to bless the land with their treasures and to be blessed by the treasures the land can yield.

Here is a tiny portion of the world which belongs to you and to every member of the wonderful human family.

The land, though, is in the end just a symbol. What is important is not the land, not the symbol, but the reality to which the symbol points.

Love invites us to make of our lives and our circumstances the same all inclusive, all embracing, love filled, restoring, renewing, and kindly experience symbolically expressed by the land.

As we live and grow and work within the real world love will come to us, constantly surprising as, empowering us, healing us and giving us the wings with which we can fly with freedom, become most fully ourselves, be able to delight in the wonder and the beauty of this world.

Wherever there is love there is life.

Love gives birth to love.

If you would be interested in supporting the work of the Holy Circle Trust and helping to realise its dream, please send a donation made payable to the Holy Circle Trust to:




DA16 2AS


Or pay it directly to the Trustee Savings Bank:

Sort Code 77-91-19

Account No: 90214160

Account Name: The Holy Circle Trust.

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